Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2023: Jesse Krimes and Sasha Mark

Today on Q with Tom Power: artist Jesse Krimes and comedian Sasha Mark

Today on Q: Jesse Krimes and Sasha Mark

Headshots of artist Jesse Krimes, comedian Sasha Mark
Artist Jesse Krimes, comedian Sasha Mark (Submitted by Jesse Krimes, Michèle Bygodt)

Today on with Tom Power:

  • While locked up for six years in a U.S. prison, Jesse Krimes secretly created epic works of art using bedsheets, hair gel, and newspaper. The artworks were smuggled out one-by-one through the prison mail room, and eventually gained traction in the world of visual art. Now released from prison, Jesse Krimes is adjusting to life on the outside as an artist in demand.

  • A new TV series is putting Canada's new generation of queer and racialized stand-up comedians front and centre. It's called Killjoy Comedy and each episode profiles a different comic. Tom Power speaks to Vancouver-based comedian Sasha Mark, featured in episode one, about their stand up and what they hope this show will do for voices who have been the butt of jokes in comedy clubs rather than the tellers, for far too long. 

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