Jayne Eastwood on the joys of playing a shockingly shameless senior citizen

The prolific Toronto-born actress joined Tom Power live in the q studio to discuss her 50-year acting career and her starring role in Hey Lady!, a new CBC comedy series.

She's been acting for 50 years, but you've never seen her quite like this

Actress Jayne Eastwood in the q studio in Toronto. (Vivian Rashotte/CBC)

If you've turned on your television at any point in the last 50 years, chances are you've seen Jayne Eastwood.

The prolific Toronto-born actress has appeared in the remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the classic Canadian movie Goin' Down The Road, the original TV movie of Anne of Green Gables, Nia Vardalos' smash hit My Big Fat Greek Wedding, as well as Chicago, Hairspray and Dawn of the Dead.

Despite racking up nearly 250 acting credits, Eastwood's roles have mostly been secondary characters. Now, for the first time ever, she plays the lead in her very own web series, a CBC comedy called Hey Lady!, in which she plays an older woman with no filter.

WATCH | Official trailer for Hey Lady!

Hey Lady! trailer


1 year ago
Watch Hey Lady! on CBC Gem! 0:59

Eastwood joined host Tom Power live in the q studio to discuss her new role and her 50-year acting career.

"I've never been number one on the call sheet in the 50 years I've been in the business," she said. "And it was really fun, I must say. It was awesome."

Hey Lady! premieres on Friday, Feb. 14 on CBC Gem.

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