How Ohad Naharin explores physicality through the Gaga movement

Ohad Naharin is the originator of a movement language called Gaga, which is the subject of a new documentary called Mr. Gaga.
Gaga is a movement language created by world renowned choreographer Ohad Naharin. (Gadi Dagon)

Ohad Naharin is one of the world's most renowned choreographers but he didn't start formal dance training until he was 22 years old. He says that he is grateful and lucky for this, though.

Naharin says children who begin dance lessons at a young age "spoil their souls" by dancing in a room, in front of mirrors. He adds: "Instead of looking at the universe or at the elements, you're looking through your own image."

Ohad Naharin is a world renowned contemporary choreographer. He is also the originator of Gaga. (Gadi Dagon)

Several years after he started dancing, Naharin developed a movement language of his own called Gaga. To Naharin, Gaga is a workout that's about "listening to the body before you tell it what to do; learning to go beyond familiar limits on a daily basis."

Gaga and Naharin are now the subject of a new docuementary called Mr. Gaga. Naharin sat down with host Tom Power to discuss the art of Gaga and controlling fears. 

— Produced by Ben Edwards