Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2022: Penn Jillette, Tenille Townes and more

Today on Q with guest host Gill Deacon: magician Penn Jillette, singer-songwriter Tenille Townes, Beyoncé panel with DJ 4Korners and A. Harmony.

Today on Q: Penn Jillette, Tenille Townes, 4Korners, A. Harmony

Penn Jillette, Tenille Townes. (Getty Images, Matthew Berinato)

Today on Q with guest host Gill Deacon:

  • Magician Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller talks about his four-decade career and what it was like having Donald Trump play his "pretend boss" on TV.

  • Canadian country star Tenille Townes talks about her wild successes, making it in the U.S. and her latest album.

  • DJ 4Korners and A. Harmony discuss Beyoncé's brand new album Renaissance and its controversies.

WATCH | Tenille Townes's full interview with Tom Power: