Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2017: Dan Auerbach and Gabe Soria, Feist and more

Today on q: musician Dan Auerbach and graphic novelist Gabe Soria, director Amy Jo Johnson, Edmonton musician Taddes Korris on the ethics of art and ivory, and musician Feist.
Musician Dan Auerbach, filmmaker Amy Jo Johnson, and musician Feist are featured on the Aug. 23 episode of q. (Getty/Getty/Supplied/Getty )
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Today on q, hosted by Tom Power: (1) how Dan Auerbach helped bring graphic novel Murder Ballads to life; (2) why Amy Jo Johnson morphed into a filmmaker; (3) should ivory and art be judged separately?; (4) Feist explains the 'necessary stripped back' sound of her latest album, Pleasure; (5) Izzy Bizu, Common Deer and more: music from today's episode.