Kaitlin Prest blends fact and fiction on her new podcast, The Shadows

Award-winning podcast creator Kaitlin Prest talks about her latest brainchild called The Shadows, the first audio fiction from CBC Podcasts.
Kaitlin Prest is the award-winning podcast creator of The Shadows. (Eleanor Petry)

News, interviews and true stories have taken over the podcasting world, but there's a new trend that's having a moment right now: audio fiction.

The Shadows is the first audio fiction from CBC Podcasts. It explores love, sex and relationships in 2018, and it's pushing the boundaries of what audio fiction can do. 

The new six-episode series is about a young woman named Kaitlin who thinks that love in the movies is like love in real life. It follows the anatomy of a relationship from a crush to an end. Although The Shadows is a fictional story, it draws on actual events from the life of its creator, Kaitlin Prest

Kaitlin is a struggling artist who believes in the love of Hollywood movies. But when she falls for someone who challenges her romantic ideal, she is faced with an impossible choice. 2:14

Today, Tom Power speaks to Prest about her brainchild, as well as the unique consequences and considerations of blending fact with fiction. The Shadows launches today, Tuesday, September 25. You can listen to it now on iTunes or find it wherever you download your podcasts. You can also listen to an excerpt, introduced by Tom Power, below. 

Produced by ​Ben Edwards 

Kaitlin Prest is one of the most talented audio makers in the country. Listen to her brand new fiction podcast, The Shadows 46:09

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