Rising Hollywood star Maya Hawke on Stranger Things and her upcoming album

Maya Hawke may be best known for her acting career but the 21-year-old is now paving a path in the music industry.
Maya Hawke in the q studio in Toronto. (Vivian Rashotte/CBC)

Maya Hawke may be best known as Robin Buckley in the Netflix series Stranger Things. Even though she's the daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, the 21-year-old is paving her own path in the industry.  

In addition to starring in Stranger Things, she's also worked with Quentin Tarantino in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Now, Hawke is expanding her resume to include music.

Hawke joined host Tom Power live in the q studio to talk about her famous parents, her acting career and her upcoming album. 

She explained that she was drawn to music and lyric writing from a young age as a form of self-expression. She said, "It's still something I do to contextualize my emotions and express myself and figure out how I feel and communicate to people that I care about."

She's also working alongside Liev Schreiber and Marisa Tomei in the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of Human Capital. Directed by Marc Meyers, the film is about two families coming together following a tragic event. 

Maya Hawke's new film Human Capital premieres tonight at the Toronto International Film Festival. Her new songs Stay Open and To Love A Boy are out now. 

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