Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2021: Sara Gay Forden, Hélène Joy and more

Today on Q with Tom Power: House of Gucci author Sara Gay Forden, Murdoch Mysteries star Hélène Joy, director Danis Goulet.

Today on Q: Sara Gay Forden, Hélène Joy, Danis Goulet

The House of Gucci author Sara Gay Forden, actor Hélène Joy as her Murdoch Mysteries character Dr. Julia Ogden, Night Raiders director Danis Goulet. (Mark Finkenstaedt, CBC, Samuel Engelking/Submitted by Danis Goulet)

Today on Q with Tom Power:

  • Author Sara Gay Forden tells us what fascinated her about the true crime story behind her meticulously researched book The House of Gucci.

  • Murdoch Mysteries star Hélène Joy explains how her own pregnancy got woven into the latest episode of the show.

  • Director Danis Goulet discusses the real-life inspiration behind her dystopian thriller, Night Raiders, about a Cree mother and daughter on the run from a military state.

WATCH | Official trailer for Night Raiders: