'The worst thing you can have is a hit': John Prine on songwriting, getting older and his new album

Legendary singer-songwriter John Prine talks about his latest album The Tree of Forgiveness, the first record of new music he's released in 13 years.
(Danny Clinch)

John Prine has been making records for almost half a century, but it's been 13 years since he last released an album of new songs. For many people, his music acts as a reminder to appreciate the good times while they last. Songs like Sam Stone, Hello In There and That's The Way That The World Goes Round are seen as roadmaps for dealing with heatbreak and loss.

John Prine's new album The Tree of Forgiveness is out now. (Danny Clinch)

Prine may have never had a big chart-topping hit — the closest he's come might be Bonnie Raitt's cover of Angel of Montgomery — but this former mailman and army vet quietly built up a loyal following. Prine is in his 70s now, and he's having a pretty remarkable third act, playing to bigger audiences than he has in years, and working with exciting musicians on the cutting edge of the Nashville scene.

In a conversation with Tom Power, Prine talks about what his new album The Tree of Forgiveness means to him, especially after he survived two cancer scares that changed his voice forever.

— Produced by Chris Trowbridge

John Prine, Boundless Love


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