Meet Victoria Kakuktinniq, the Iqaluit-based designer with her finger on the pulse of Northern fashion

From q live in Iqaluit, designer Victoria Kakuktinniq discusses how she's able to blend modern ideas with traditional Inuit techniques in fashion.

Blending modern design and Inuit cultural tradition isn't easy in fashion, but it's a combination that Victoria Kakuktinniq has mastered. As the designer behind Victoria's Arctic Fashion, she's made more than 1,000 parkas with seal skin and fox fur, and this past winter, Kakuktinniq was invited to travel across the Atlantic to be a part of Paris Fashion Week.

From q live in Iqaluit, recorded at the Tisi multipurpose room of Inuksuk High School, Kakuktinniq joined host Tom Power to talk about how she's able to blend modern ideas with traditional techniques.

One of Victoria Kakuktinniq's handmade parkas. (Submitted by Victoria Kakuktinniq)

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Produced by ​Mitch Pollock

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