Tuesday, March 2, 2021: Jodie Foster, Rodney Barnes and more

Today on Q: actress and director Jodie Foster, writer and producer Rodney Barnes, Canada Reads panellist Scott Helman, inventor of the infinite guitar Michael Brook.

Today on Q: Jodie Foster, Rodney Barnes, Scott Helman, Michael Brook

Actress and director Jodie Foster, writer and producer Rodney Barnes, singer-songwriter Scott Helman. (Getty Images, Ralf Strathmann, Submitted by Scott Helman)

Today on Q, with guest host Talia Schlanger:

  • Acclaimed actress and director Jodie Foster talks about her new film, The Mauritanian, and how it fits into a career full of roles that involve fighting for justice.

  • Hollywood writer and producer Rodney Barnes discusses his graphic novel series Killadelphia — about a vampire who was once a U.S. president — and how the story weaves in the deeper themes of history, family and race.

  • Singer-songwriter Scott Helman talks about championing Two Trees Make a Forest by Jessica J. Lee in this year's Canada Reads debates.

  • Composer Michael Brook explains how he invented the infinite guitar, the instrument famously heard on U2's hit song, With or Without You.

WATCH | Official trailer for The Mauritanian: