How Alexandra Stréliski went from internet musician to Jean-Marc Vallée's secret weapon

Alexandra Stréliski chats about working with Hollywood director Jean-Marc Vallée, and gives us a sneak preview of her latest record, Inscape.
Alexandra Stréliski's new album Inscape is out everywhere on Friday, October 5. (Raphael Ouellet)

Alexandra Stréliski is a pianist and close collaborator of film director Jean-Marc Vallée. Her work has been featured in films like Dallas Buyers Club and television shows like Big Little Lies and Sharp Objects. Today, Stréliski joins guest host Ali Hassan live in the q studio to talk about how she conveys emotion through music, and to give us a sneak preview of her latest record Inscape, which comes out everywhere on Friday, October 5. 

Alexandra Stréliski with guest host Ali Hassan in the q studio in Toronto, Ont. (Vivian Rashotte/CBC)

Produced by Tyrone Callender and Vanessa Nigro

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