Why is art being exhibited in a shipping container?

Matthew Kyba, co-founder of Bunker 2 talks to q about why he needs to display art in a very unlikely setting.
An installation view of Vacancy a 2017 exhibit at Bunker 2. (supplied)

Matthew Kyba is a co-founder of Bunker 2, an art gallery in a portable shipping container.

Bunker 2 was created to help fill the need for alternative artist-focused gallery spaces in Toronto, where it is difficult and expensive to open and fund traditional art galleries for mid-career contemporary artists.

Matthew Kyba is a co-founder of Bunker 2 (supplied )

Bunker 2 measures 20 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 8 feet tall. And far from being a gimmick — it's sort of a last resort.

Kyba talks to q about why he feels Bunker 2 needs to exist. Bunker 2 has show opening on Aug. 18 called Flat.

— Produced by Cora Nijhawan