Joni Mitchell re-imagined: Circle Game reworks the Canadian legend's songs for millennials

Andrew Cohen and Anna Kuman's new play Circle Game pays tribute to the work of Joni Mitchell and hopes to bring the iconic songwriter's messages to a new generation.
Circle Game is a new play that re-imagines the music of Canadian icon, Joni Mitchell. (Tyler Branston)

Andrew Cohen believes that Joni Mitchell was the voice of her generation, but wants today's generation of Millennials to also hear and embrace that voice. 

Cohen and Anna Kuman have put together a new play called Circle Game, which re-imagines Mitchell's songs. Cohen hopes this play will "bridge the gap for audiences between our parents' generation that grew up with that as their voice and our generation who seem to be looking for a voice." 

"We wanted to re-imagine Joni's music now, in 2017, because we feel like the message of the lyrics are incredibly important for the next generation to hear and take ownership of," Kuman adds. "It's a call to action." 

Circle Game runs from April 29 to May 20 at the Firehall Arts Centre in Vancouver. For more information about the play, head over to the theatre's website.

Below are the songs mentioned in today's segment:

'A Case of You'

'The Fiddle and the Drum'

'Down To You'

'Big Yellow Taxi'

— Produced by Elaine Chau


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