Vivica A. Fox shares the behind the scenes stories that made her a Hollywood success

From blockbusters like Independence Day to bloody revenge thrillers like Kill Bill, Fox has done it all. She talks to Tom Power about her new memoir in which she reveals the secrets to her success.
Vivica A. Fox's new book Every Day I'm Hustling is out now. (Blake Little)

Actor and producer Vivica A. Fox talks about the secret to her success, from blockbusters like Independence Day to bloody revenge thrillers like Kill Bill to the hit TV show Empire. In her new book, Every Day I'm Hustling, Fox shares behind the scenes stories about her projects, including the months she spent training for Kill Bill​ and the unforgettable advice she got from Uma Thurman. Her new book Every Day I'm Hustling is out now. 

Produced by Shannon Higgins

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