Is Trump good for comedy? Lewis Black says 'that's like saying a stroke is good for a nap'

Comedian Lewis Black opens up about his beginnings in theatre, his transition into comedy and performing stand-up in the Trump era.
Straight-shooting social critic Lewis Black gives us his thoughts on Trump, the Republican convention and America's 2016 presidential race. (LewisBlack.com)

You may not know the name Lewis Black, but you'd likely recognize his voice. His raspy outbursts have been a fixture of comedy for decades. He's ranted and raved about everything from New York City's response to snow storms to the ineptitude of politicians and even the lack of dessert after dinner.

Black has made a career out of being angry at the world's nonsense. But what happens when the truth is stranger than fiction? And the nonsense doesn't need comedy added to it? In the age of U.S. President Donald Trump, Black is trying to find his footing. He joins Tom Power in the q studio to talk about making sense of today's political climate.

Black's 49th Parallel tour includes stops in several Canadian cities in September. See the dates here.

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