Thursday, Oct. 8, 2020: Jerry Seinfeld, Barbara Pratt and more

Today on q: comedian Jerry Seinfeld, artist Barbara Pratt, New York Times art critic Martha Schwendener, novelist Walter Mosley.
Comedian Jerry Seinfeld, artist Barbara Pratt, Philip Guston's Painting, Smoking, Eating, novelist Walter Mosley. (Finlay Mackay/Trunk Archive, Submitted by Alison Butler, Collection Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Marcia Wilson)

Today on q, with Tom Power:

  • Jerry Seinfeld discusses his new book, 45 years of comedy and the stupidity of a "quick question."

  • Newfoundland-based artist Barbara Pratt talks about her new exhibition called Cake, her mother Mary Pratt's legacy as a painter, and why baking is a profound act of love.

  • New York Times art critic Martha Schwendener explains why four art museums are facing backlash over their decision to postpone a major Philip Guston retrospective, featuring some of the painter's depictions of the KKK.

  • Novelist Walter Mosley discusses his groundbreaking novel Devil in a Blue Dress on its 30th anniversary.