Neon Dreams on their new music and leaving the Hedley tour

Neon Dreams is one of Canada's most buzzed-about bands. With new music out and their debut album on the way, they joined Tom Power for a performance and chat about their rise, and why having tough conversations about sexual misconduct in the music industry is important to them.
Frank Kadillac, left, and Adrian Morris of Neon Dreams with special guest Ria Mae, centre, in the q studio in Toronto, Ont. (Vivian Rashotte/CBC)

Neon Dreams is one of the most buzzed-about bands to come out of Halifax in the last few years. If you had asked them how they were feeling at the top of 2018, they would've told you things were pretty great. They were making music, playing sold out shows and they had just signed on to a huge tour with one of Canada's biggest pop bands — Hedley. 

When news broke that Jacob Hoggard, the lead singer of Hedley, was facing several allegations of sexual misconduct, Neon Dreams made the decision to drop out of the tour. That moment forced them to think about the type of band they want to be to their fans. 

Neon Dreams' Adrian Morris and Frank Kadillac opened up about their tailspin year when they dropped by the q studio earlier this week. They also performed a few songs with a special guest, singer-songwriter Ria Mae. Neon Dreams' debut full-length album comes out early next year.

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