Thursday, Nov. 28, 2019: iskwē, Mati Diop and more

Today on q: musician iskwē, filmmaker Mati Diop, author and music journalist Jon Savage, Siminovitch Prize winners Maiko Yamamoto and James Long.
Musician iskwē, filmmaker Mati Diop, Siminovitch Prize winners James Long and Maiko Yamamoto. (Matt Barnes, Vivian Rashotte/CBC, Stephen Drover)
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Today on q, with host Tom Power:

  • Canadian musician iskwē drops by the q studio to perform some songs from her new album, acākosīk.
  • French-Senegalese filmmaker Mati Diop explains how her Cannes-winning film, Atlantics, creates a complex portrait of Senegalese youth.
  • Music journalist Jon Savage makes the argument that the year 1966 was an important turning point for all pop culture that followed.
  • Siminovitch Prize winners Maiko Yamamoto and James Long talk about what their big win means for them as well as for their protégé, actor and creator Conor Wylie.

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