Mary Walsh fulfills her dream of becoming a novelist

Actor and comedian Mary Walsh opens up about her debut novel, Crying for the Moon, and the inspirations behind this personal story.
Mary Walsh in the q studios in Toronto, Ont. (CBC)

Mary Walsh is an actor, comedian and activist, and she's about to add another title to her name: author. 

Walsh recently put out her debut novel, Crying for the Moon, and it's not like anything she's ever done. The book tells the story of a teenage girl named Maureen who goes on a life-changing trip to Expo 67. The tale includes a murder mystery, alcohol addition, drug dealers and more. 

One of Walsh's biggest passions is writing. "I've always wanted to be a novelist but I fell into performing," she reveals. "You can't go on your whole life longing to do something and never having the guts to do it and so, I just did it."

Crying for the Moon only came out a few weeks ago but Walsh admits that she has more writing she hopes to explore soon.

"I have some short stories that I'm thinking about," she says. "They need a lot of work but it might be worthwhile to pull them out." 

For a list of Mary Walsh's upcoming book events, head over to Harper Collins' website.

— Produced by Ben Edwards