In his sprawling comic Clyde Fans, cartooning legend Seth gives the mundane a 'mystic significance'

Seth is a Canadian cartoonist who's a legend in his field. Following the release of his new comic Clyde Fans, he describes what it was like being on the leading edge of the graphic novel movement.
Seth's new graphic novel Clyde Fans is out now. (Drawn & Quarterly)

Originally published on May 2, 2019

In his vintage overcoat and 1930s eyeglasses, the Canadian cartoonist Seth looks more like a time-traveller than a visionary. But say his name in a comic book store and watch as the clerk's eyes light up.

The enigmatic artist spent decades fighting to get comics recognised as art, and today, his peers believe he's one of the best graphic novelists in the world. Scholars study his work with the same gravity you'd give the Bible and his first graphic novel, It's a Good Life, If You Don't Weaken, was so influential that the Tragically Hip named a song after it.

Following the release of his new comic Clyde Fans, Seth joined q's Tom Power to describe what it was like being on the leading edge of the graphic novel movement.

A page from Seth's graphic novel, Clyde Fans. (Drawn & Quarterly)

Seth's latest graphic novel, Clyde Fans, was published through Drawn & Quarterly and it's out now.

Produced by ​Vanessa Greco



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