Thursday, May 13, 2021: The Offspring, Altin Gün and more

Today on Q: Dexter Holland of The Offspring, musicians Jasper Verhulst and Merve Dasdemir of Altin Gün, Pose creator Steven Canals on Paris Is Burning, artist Rajni Perera.

Today on Q: The Offspring, Altin Gün, Steven Canals, Rajni Perera

Dexter Holland of The Offspring, Amsterdam-based rock band Altin Gün, Pose creator Steven Canals, artist Rajni Perera. (Tijs van Leur, Janetta Verheij, Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images, Cory Van Der Ploeg)

Today on Q, with host Tom Power:

  • Punk rocker Dexter Holland of The Offspring discusses the band's 10th studio album, Let the Bad Times Roll, and fills us in on his other job as a doctorate-holding molecular biologist.

  • Musicians Jasper Verhulst and Merve Dasdemir of the Amsterdam-based rock band Altin Gün tell us how they're breathing new life into traditional Turkish folk songs.

  • Pose creator Steven Canals discusses the lasting influence of the documentary Paris Is Burning, and what it meant for him to finally see a story that reflected his reality as a Black gay man from a working class family in the Bronx.

  • Canadian artist Rajni Perera explains how science fiction influences her work, and why depicting Black and brown women is so central to her practice.

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