Great Great Great explores the uncertain middle period of romantic relationships

Director Adam Garnet Jones and writer/actress Sara Kolasky discuss their latest film, Great Great Great, and what it means to explore the middle of a relationship as opposed to the beginning or end.
Great Great Great's Adam Garnet Jones and Sarah Kolasky in the q studios in Toronto, Ont. (Melody Lau/CBC)

Adam Garnet Jones and Sarah Kolasky don't like adhering to the romantic rule of just magically knowing when something's right. To Jones, it's "one of the most horrifying things that has come out of the world of romantic comedies."

Instead, their latest film Great Great Great immerses itself in the feeling of uncertainty; the middle ground of a couple's relationship that's not as grandiose as the beginning or end of a romance but is definitely worth exploring. 

The film follows the relationship of Lauren (played by Kolasky) and Tom (Dan Beirne) and specifically the former's confusion about her future. So, instead of picking one path, she explores two: an engagement to Tom while carrying out an affair with her boss. 

Jones notes that this speaks to a fear of missing out — also coined as "FOMO" nowadays — but it also paints a more complicated character, one that Kolasky is proud to play. She adds: "People are used to seeing female protagonists portrayed as really nice people whereas male characters can been the biggest A-hole and people say that's just how guys are."  

Great Great Great will be screening tonight at the Canadian Film Fest. For more information, head over to their website

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