How clowning can change the world

Heather Annis and Amy Lee of clown duo Morro and Jasp talk to Tom Power on the overlooked aspects of being a clown.
Heather Annis and Amy Lee perform as clown duo Morro and Jasp (Supplied)

Heather Annis and Amy Lee, the actors behind Canadian clown duo Morro and Jasp, have been performing as clowns together for 13 years.

Consequently, they take clowning very seriously. Annis and Lee believe the absurd humour in clowning exposes our shared humanity and brings people together.

The duo sit down to talk to Tom Power about their new show, Morro and Jasp in Stupefaction, which runs from June 14 to 24 at the Streetcar Crowsnest in Toronto. Find out more about the show here.

Keep an eye out for a forthcoming Morro and Jasp video on the q Facebook page next week.​

— Produced by Cora Nijhawan