The Good Lovelies on their new sound and latest album Shapeshifters

The Good Lovelies perform three songs off their latest record and talk about their new sound and outlook on life.
Radio 2 Top 20, Jan. 18: Good Lovelies are seeing gold at the top of the chart

The Good Lovelies are back with a new record Shapeshifters. Having made their name and career with a classic folk sound, Sue Passmore, Caroline Brooks and Kerri Ough of the Good Lovelies decided it was time to mix things up. Choosing "Shapeshifters" for the title was apt, because after years of exploring traditional music, they now move into a mainstream sound, a musical change that has mirrored the personal changes brought by 2017. The trio drops by the q studio to perform three songs from the record and sit down with host Tom Power to discuss the trials that led to their new sound and outlook on life.

Produced by Mitch Pollock