'We're aware and recognizing it': Wintersleep's new album takes a strong stance on social issues close to home

Wintersleep shares some new music from their latest album, In the Land Of, and discusses how they're using their songs to reckon with their sense of responsibility.
Wintersleep performing in the q studio in Toronto, Ont. (Vivian Rashotte/CBC)

For the Juno Award-winning band Wintersleep, it's important that their music takes a strong stance on social issues.

Their hit 2016 protest song, Amerika, was a statement about the uncertainty of the U.S. political landscape. Their new album, In the Land Of, comments on the situation here at home by asking us to confront our relationship to the land we live on in Canada.

"For us, it would be not sincere to not talk about things like that because it's something that's on your mind and that's what songwriting is."

Wintersleep joined Tom Power in the q studio to share some new music from their latest album and talk about how they're using their songs to reckon with their sense of responsibility. The band shared that the first step is to generate awareness and recognize the idea of privilege.

"You're just filtering how you feel about the world and being in it so then it's just being true to that kind of idea and then recording something that feels good."

In the Land Of is set to release in March.

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