Andy Kindler explains why Jimmy Fallon is the 'prime example of everything that's wrong' in comedy

Comedian Andy Kindler explains his fascination with bad comedy and why it's a great time to be a comedian right now.
Andy Kindler photographed in Minneapolis, MN on Aug. 20, 2010. (Susan Maljan)

Andy Kindler is fascinated with bad comedy. 

For many years now, he has critiqued comedians for overused tropes or lazy execution but, even though he is critical of what's around, he does admit that now is a good time to be in the business. 

"A lot of stereotypes have been broken down," he explains. "I think it's the best climate it's ever been for comedy." 

That said, Kindler does have issues with particular comedians such as late-night host Jimmy Fallon. 

"Jimmy Fallon is the prime example of everything that's wrong," Kindler says. "I really can't explain why people tune in to watch someone go, 'Great! Great! Great!' — I guess it cheers them up or makes them think everything is great, but I think that kind of punctured his balloon."

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