Thursday, Dec. 1, 2022: Lee Jung-jae, Aryana Sayeed and more

Today on Q with Tom Power: actor and director Lee Jung-jae, filmmakers Fazila Amiri and Aryana Sayeed, artists Crystle Lightning & MC Redcloud.

Today on Q: Lee Jung-jae, Fazila Amiri and Aryana Sayeed, Crystle Lightning & MC Redcloud.

(Vivian Rashotte, CBC )

Today on Q with Tom Power:

Lee Jung-jae won the Emmy for best actor for his role in Squid Game, making history as the first Asian actor to win an Emmy in this category. Lee Jung-jae sits down with Tom Power to talk about the moment when his name was called at the Emmy's, and his directorial debut Hunt, a spy action thriller set in 1980's South Korea.

In the documentary And Still I Sing, Afghan-Canadian filmmaker Fazila Amiri tells the story of how the reality singing show Afghan Star made history when two courageous female contestants defied death threats to keep singing thanks to the support of their mentor Aryana Sayeed, one of Afghanistan's biggest pop stars. Fazila and Aryana visit the Q studio to tell their remarkable story..

In Bear Grease, an all-Indigenous cast takes the beloved musical love story of Danny and Sandy and gives it a Treaty Six twist. Co-stars and co-creators Crystle Lightning and MC Redcloud explain how they turned the 1978 film Grease into a sold-out touring show by, and for, Indigenous folks.

WATCH | Lee Jung-jae's full interview with Tom Power:

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