Thursday, April 6, 2017: Future Islands, Lilly Singh and more

Today on q: Future Islands, Ngozi Paul, the inventor of the infinite guitar, and Lilly Singh.
Today on q: Future Islands, Ngozi Paul, Infinite Guitar inventor Michael Brook and Lilly Singh. (Cathy Irving/CBC, courtesy of Touchwood Public Relations, Guiseppe Asaro, Getty Images)

Today on q, hosted by Tom Power: (1) Future Islands challenge fans to be open and vulnerable with their music; (2) Ngozi Paul examines black female representation through pop culture in new play; (3) 'With or Without You' and the origin of the infinite guitar; (4) YouTuber Lilly Singh's secrets to becoming a bawse; (5) Nina Simone, Leeroy Stagger and more: music from today's episode.