The one with the Anne of Green Gables Cult: Mark Little and Andy Bush explore a darker side to Cavendish, PEI

Mark Little and Andy Bush have been making audiences (and each other) laugh since their early days in Halifax's esteemed comedy troupe, Picnicface. Their latest collaboration finds them riffing on the quirky little town of Cavendish, P.E.I. for a new CBC sitcom.
Mark Little and Andy Bush are the stars and creators of the series Cavendish. (CBC)

As the saying goes, you never know when — or where — inspiration is going to hit. Andy Bush and Mark Little are two guys who've learned all about this over the last few years.

Back in 2012, Bush and Little's sketch comedy show Picnicface had just been cancelled and they were trying to start a new project. When that didn't click, Bush decided to take a break and travel to Cavendish, P.E.I. It's a place that he had visited many times before, but this trip was different.

When he got back, he gushed to Little all about all the quirky things he saw: eccentric tourist stops, little museums and an incredible theme park. Little saw how animated Bush was getting just talking about this, which made him think: what if we write about Cavendish instead?

Six years later Cavendish is about to premiere on CBC. Bush and Little star in the series as two brothers, who return to their P.E.I. hometown after years away. They join Tom Power to tell us more about the series. 

Produced by ​Frank Palmer

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