Tanya Tagaq and Mike Haliechuk's surprising musical collaboration

Throat singing and punk rock? A match made in musical heaven according to Tanya Tagaq and F--ked Up's Mike Haliechuk.

Inuk throat singing and punk rock might not seem like an obvious musical match but Tanya Tagaq and F--ked Up's Mike Haliechuk would beg to differ.

In 2015, F--ked Up released a 30-minute long jam session Our Own Blood featuring Tagaq's haunting voice. The collaboration resulted in a moving, hazy, contemplative track that was begging for a follow-up.

They join guest host Candy Palmater to talk about how the intimate musical union left them so raw they couldn't keep their earphones on in studio.

"It's so intimate I wanted to make sure it's respected. We'll listen to it someday, maybe," Tagaq says. "Maybe," Haliechuk replies.

Tanya Tagaq and Effed Up's Mike Haliechuk join Candy Palmater in studio to talk about the jam session so intimate it left them raw. (Stuart Maclean/CBC)

For Haliechuk, the genre non-conforming nature of the tune was a result of bending toward each other sonically.

"If you want to discover new things, you can't over categorize," Tagaq says.

Tonight marks their first ever joint live performance. Tagaq and F--ked Up will be on the Red Bull Music Academy stage at Montreal's La Tulipe as part of the festival, which runs until October 28th and is curated around the theme of collaboration.

Throat singing and punk rock? A match made in musical heaven according to Tanya Tagaq and Effed Up's Mike Haliechuk. (Ben Shannon/CBC)

WEB EXTRA | Below is the 2015 jam session between F--ked Up and Tanya Tagaq — the inspiration for tonight's onstage collaboration


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