Dick Van Dyke on why you should worry less and dance more

89-year-old acting legend Dick Van Dyke on what to expect in life's last act.
"Don't worry so much. Most of the things you worry about never end up happening." - Dick Van Dyke (Ben Shannon/CBC)

Sure, we can all put on a happy face, but how long can we really keep it on?

Well, if Dick Van Dyke's sunny outlook is any indication, try 89 years — and counting. The acting legend joins Shad to discuss his new book, Keep Moving, and his upbeat attitude toward life. 

In a wide-ranging conversation, Van Dyke explains why he doesn't think about death, how late-blooming love caught him by surprise, and his magical plans for his 90th birthday.

Life lessons from Dick Van Dyke (CBC)

Plus, for those that don't quite remember the Mary Poppins penguin dance, let Dick refresh your memory.

And here are some photos from the Van Dyke vault. 

Dick Van Dyke says that, even in his everyday life, he likes to break out into song and dance. "I'm kinda funny that way." (Perseus Books Group)
Dick Van Dyke says he didn't expect to find love again so late in life. But then along came Arlene. (Publishers Group Canada/Perseus Books Group)
Carl Reiner and Dick Van Dyke co-created the Dick Van Dyke show. He says the show was "a party every day". (Publishers Group Canada/Perseus Books Group)


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