Who? Weekly separates the "who's" from the "thems" in Hollywood

New podcast Who? Weekly is the Wikipedia for Z-list celebrities.
The new podcast Who? Weekly looks into the world of Z-list celebrities such as musician, model and tabloid favourite, Rita Ora. (Getty Images)

Have you ever looked at the cover of a tabloid magazine and thought, "Who is that?" Well fear not: Who? Weekly is here to help. 

The new podcast, hosted by writers and pop culture enthusiasts Lindsey Weber and Bobby Finger, strives to tackle the prevalence of Z-list celebrities. But wait: what are Z-list celebrities?

New podcast Who? Weekly takes a look at the Z-list celebrities who appear on the cover of tabloids. (Lindsey Weber)

Weber explains this category of celebrity, which she and Finger have more succinctly divided into two categories — "who's" and "thems" — as people who "engage in activities like selling garbage on their Instagram or appearing in the pages of US Weekly because they're at the grocery store market." 

"Thems," or better known as A-listers, are people that can be recognized with little to no effort from the celebrity themselves. Weber notes Brad Pitt as an example as we all know who he is and what he does, but he rarely engages with the media and, in fact, doesn't even own a Twitter account. 

A prime example of a "who"? Finger brings up their favourite, Rita Ora. "She's been wanting to become more famous than she is for so long," he says. "You might not be able to name Rita Ora's last single but you might be able to name what she wore most recently on the streets of Manhanttan."

Listen to episodes of Who? Weekly on their website.


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