Breaking A Monster documents the success of teenage metal band Unlocking the Truth

From performing on the streets of New York City to opening for Metallica, this new documentary follows the rise of metal band Unlocking the Truth.
The new documentary Breaking a Monster follows the journey of three Brooklyn teenagers who start a heavy metal band. (Black Label Media)

Metal band Unlocking the Truth has performed at Coachella, opened for Metallica, been covered by the Rolling Stone — all before reaching the age of 14. 

Malcolm Brickhouse, Jared Dawkins and Alec Atkins formed their band in the 7th grade and spent their weekends performing heavy metal and speed punk on the streets of Times Square. Soon, they started drawing audiences and with the help of technology, their performances hit the web. From there, opportunities started coming in quick. 

All of this is documented in Luke Meyer's new film, Breaking A Monster

The new documentary Breaking a Monster follows the story of metal band Unlocking the Truth. (Black Label Media)

"The first time I saw them was in one of those YouTube clips," Meyers recalls. "I had the experience that a lot of people had where I could not believe these kids were this young and able to pull off what they were pulling off." 

Atkins adds that people were quick to dismiss them. "People thought this whole thing was set up, that we didn't really like heavy metal," he says. "In actuality, we're friends [...] It was our choice to take it however far we wanted to take it. The money was not the motive, the motive was exposure."

WEB EXTRA | Watch the trailer for Breaking a Monster below.


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