Yes, Chantal Kreviazuk writes for Drake, Kendrick and Pitbull

q's series The Hit Makers continues with singer-songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk, who has collaborated with a surprising list of superstars.

If the name Chantal Kreviazuk makes you think of gentle piano music and intimate vocals, you need to update your files on this spirited Canadian songwriter.

Yes, she's written big, loud hits for Drake, Pitbull and Kendrick Lamar. Yes, she can do a Christina Aguilera impression on live radio. Yes, she just wants to feel this moment.

As part of our ongoing series The Hit Makers, the Winnipeg singer-songwriter brings high energy to studio q. She joins Shad to discuss the difference between making her own music and writing for other artists; why she asked Pink to give back some of her songs; and why "bright and sunny" people may also be in a lot of pain. 
The two also discuss her first solo record in seven years, Hard Sail.

Chantal Kreviazuk jumped on the piano in studio q to demo some of her biggest hits, including Pitbull's Feel This Moment, featuring Christina Aguilera. (Fabiola Carletti/CBC)

WEB EXTRA | Watch videos for the hits discussed in this segment. 
Jay Rock feat. Kendrick Lamar, Pay For It. (Please note: this song contains explicit language) 

Pitbull feat. Christina Aguilera, Feel This Moment

Drake, Over My Dead Body. (Please note: this song contains explicit language) 

This segment is part of q's ongoing series, The Hit Makers. With it we reveal the creative minds behind the songs you know and the surprising ways pop music gets put together today. We talk to the Grammy-winning producers, chart-topping songwriters, rising young beat-makers, top-liners and hook-writers who contribute key ingredients to today's hit songs.