Colin Linden takes the stage with the cast of hit TV series Nashville

Colin Linden explains how the cast of Nashville has evolved into a unique musical ensemble.
Colin Linden performs 'From The Water' for the CBC Slide Guitar Summit. (CBC Music)

"It's not really a country band," says Canadian songwriter and producer Colin Linden of his on-screen musical troupe, "it's a Nashville music band." Linden is the musical director for the television series Nashville, which revolves around country superstar Rayna Jaymes, as her fame begins to fall. With the series entering its fifth season, Linden explains that the cast has cultivated a unique musical style."Over years of working together we've all evolved into a big band," says Linden. Not only does the cast work really hard to make the music feel real for the show, but they also take these songs on the road and perform live in front of thousands of fans.The cast do their own vocals and learn to play the music Linden helps develop.

"People are drawn to it for different things," says Linden of the Nashville live performances. The audience isn't necessarily composed of country fans who would go see a Garth Brooks concert, he explains. The audience is made up of a diverse group of people and that's something Linden doesn't take for granted. "The TV show is really popular and television is such a big medium," explains Linden. The musician admits, television is "even bigger than music."

WEB EXTRA | Watch Colin Linden perform live with the cast of Nashville below.


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