The People v. O.J. Simpson brings 'the trial of the century' back to TV

Today, the q pop culture panel tackles a new crime drama that retells the most infamous murder case in recent memory. Plus, Louis CK's surprise web series, and the predicted (again) death of Twitter.

Shad wrangles q's weekly pop culture panel — Stephen Marche of Esquire, journalist Rachel Giese, and filmmaker/actor/director Charles Officer — on the most discussed entertainment stories and debates of the past week.

On the panel today:

  • FX's crime drama The People v. O.J. Simpson brings the most infamous murder case in recent memory back to television and the forefront of the audience's minds.
  • Comedian Louis CK has never shied away from material that shines a light on some uncomfortable truths about human nature and behaviour. But what prompted him to make Horace and Pete, a surprise new web series that's been described as "dark and difficult?"
  • Stop us if you've heard this one before: media commentators (this time the New Yorker) have predicted the death of Twitter. Why is the social media platform in trouble this time, and is it premature (this time) to predict the end of that little blue bird?