Measha Brueggergosman gets personal with her q Playlist

Renowned soprano Measha Brueggergosman joins Shad to share her q playlist, a surprising mix of music that has has inspired her over the years.

Measha Brueggergosman is one of Canada's most versatile and vivacious vocalists. She's best known for her supple soprano voice that's made her a darling of the opera world.

But that's only one style of music she's embraced over her 20-year career — whether it's jazz, gospel spirituals, Joni Mitchell covers, Brueggergosman has mastered it all.

Today she joins Shad to share her q playlist, a surprising mix of music that has has inspired her over the years, from avant-garde opera to glam-rock.

WEB EXTRA | Here, in the order they were featured on air, are Brueggergosman's selections: 

1) Brueggergosman remembers thinking "this is my aesthetic" when she heard Kathleen Battle and trumpet player Wynton Marsalis' Eternal Source of Light Divine. It also taught her about collaboration "the light that you allow yourself to bask in can only lead to a greater musicianship."

2) "He's been borrowed to us from the heavens," Brueggergosman says of her collaborator Aaron Davis for In the Garden. She made it a goal to work with him after hearing his music in high school.

3) Brueggergosman "really caught up [with David Bowie's catalogue] after the fact." Now, she's included Rebel Rebel in her repertoire through the use of "cyber-jamming" other musicians.

4) "I fanned out so hard" Brueggergosman says of her meet-cute with French composer Pierre Boulez. "He had me at 'can I come through your washroom.'" Pli Selon Pli by Pierre Boulez.

5) "It's a colour I don't possess. It feels so authentic and genuine. It's a song that I wish I could write or be a part of," Brueggergosman says of Poison by Vaults.

6) We asked Brueggergosman what words soothe her in times of sadness and she chose Get Myself Together by Robyn because "when the chips are down dance, dance, dance," she says.
Measha Brueggergosman and Shad in studio q . (Fabiola Carletti/CBC)