Explore Kim Dorland's sinister, "you're going to die" landscapes

We talk to celebrated and Group of Seven influenced visual artist Kim Dorland about modernizing Canada's tradition of landscape painting and his ambiguous relationship to nature itself.

Celebrated visual artist Kim Dorland joins guest host Rachel Giese to explain why he isn't afraid to modernize Canada's tradition of landscape painting and express an ambiguous, often uneasy relationship with nature.

Unlike the Group of Seven and Tom Thomson before him, Dorland often depicts nature as sinister, haunting and brushed with his trademark neon colours. His style has drawn comparisons to "Tom Thomson on acid" -- to which Dorland says: "I've never done acid. Maybe it's a perfect description." 

You can browse selections of Kim Dorland's work below, or visit his official website for more.

Kim Dorland says, like Canadian painters before him, he's in awe of nature -- but he's also "scared to death of it." (Kim Dorland)