#QtheFuture: Sean Rameswaram guest hosts Feb. 9 - 13

Toronto-born broadcaster and producer Sean Rameswaram takes his turn at the mic.
Sean Rameswaram slides into the host chair from February 9 to 13. Like Glenn Gould and Drake, Sean was born and raised in Toronto where, at a young age, he began to cultivate a passion for public broadcasting and the arts. At 16, he was snatched up by the circus and taken to the well-manicured stucco suburbs of Los Angeles, California, where he began to cultivate a passion for quesadillas. 

  As a reporter and producer, Sean has impressed his love of pop culture, street art, and museums upon the listeners of WAMU in Washington DC, KUSP and KQED in California, and WNYC in New York. 

  For several years, he has also posted daily to  Goodosphere.com, a blog he founded with some friends. In 2012, Sean joined the staff of Studio 360, where he has produced dozens of interviews for Kurt Andersen, booking fascinating guests like Mel Brooks, Haim, Alfonso Cuarón, and an utterly zen Rick Rubin. He connected with horror maestro Wes Craven on Twitter and together they launched Studio  360's Scary Short Film Fest

  In 2014, Sean created and launched  Sideshow, a podcast that celebrates the kind of art you'd never see in a museum (think mash-up musicians, web series auteurs, and animated GIFs). As the host of Sideshow, Sean has had many unforgettable moments, but none more memorable than being scolded by Mike D from the Beastie Boys for not using Google properly. 

Want to sample Sean's sound? Click on the listen button above to hear Daniel Richler introduce him on air. Plus, he lists his dream interviewees. (What are yours?)


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