'Thank You For Your Service' author on a soldier's afterwar

Author David Finkel writes about the challenges U.S. soldiers face upon returning home to regular civilian life.

Author and Washington Post journalist David Finkel talks about the post-war struggles of U.S. soldiers returning from battle to reintegrate themselves in American life. Finkel describes their challenges in his new book, Thank You for Your Service

The book chronicles the "afterwar" lives of young soldiers he met in 2007, while he was embedded with them in Iraq. He first chronicled the men's experiences during the troop surge in 2009's The Good Soldiers. Their lives changed dramatically when they came back to their families.

"What happens is they came home, the book came out, and the ones who weren't physically injured but were mentally injured got in touch with me," Finkel says. Many of the veterans told him of their post-war psychological trauma.

Hearing about their struggles at home spurred Finkel to write what he calls "the second half" of their story.