Beloved Dog author Maira Kalman on all the ways our dogs walk us

The great illustrator Maira Kalman on what dogs can teach us about love, and the importance of keeping your eyes and heart open.
Maira Kalman loves a great personality, and her latest book focuses on a non-human kind. (Maira Kalman)

Maira Kalman used to think dogs were terrifying creatures, but she now sees them as "the truest representation of unconditional love".

Illustrator Maira Kalman added a dog to her family during a very difficult time — and it changed everything. (mairakalman.com)
 In her witty, colourful new book, Beloved Dog, the celebrated illustrator explains her dramatic change of heart. 

Kalman joins Shad to explain how dogs wordlessly answer some of life's biggest questions, how important it is to become comfortable with change, and why we humans need to take ourselves on more walks. 

"The point of walking, the purpose of walking, is to not think — just to look and absorb and feel what's around you," she says, adding that a good walk might lead you effortlessly toward new solutions.  

"Not thinking is a big deal in my life." 

WEB EXTRA | Browse a couple of Kalman's images, posted here with her permission. 

Spend a little time in the colourful world of Maira Kalman. (Maira Kalman)
Maira Kalman loves a great personality, and her latest book focuses on a non-human kind. (Maira Kalman)


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