Bollywood's big role in India's elections

Jian speaks with journalist Sandip Roy about Bollywood stars making their mark on the upcoming Indian elections.

In India's political landscape, a star candidate really is a star, Sandip Roy tells Jian from Kolkata. Bollywood celebrities have been parachuted in by major political parties to drum up votes or try to sell themselves as candidates in the world's biggest election, happening in two weeks.

Roy, who has been covering the elections as culture editor at Firstpost.com, says politics in India "has become an enormous visual spectacle" with rural citizens flocking to political rallies to watch and meet their favourite stars.

"The whole politics thing has become an enormous production number," Roy says.

"Every election rally is choreographed, a little bit like a big extravaganza show."

India's elections began April 7 and will last until May 16.

"It's a really long election," Roy says. "Just like a Bollywood film."