Are corporate wellness programs making us miserable?

Wellness expert Dr. Greg Wells and 'The Wellness Syndrome' author Carl Cederström go head to head over corporate-run healthy living initiatives.
Shad is flanked by Dr. Greg Wells, left, and Carl Cederström. (Julie Crysler/CBC)

Are corporate wellness programs a boon to employees looking to live healthier, happier lives? Or is the pressure to get fit and be happy making us feel worse — and possibly causing some of us to withdraw?

Joining Shad to debate the pros and cons are Carl Cederström, author of The Wellness Syndrome, and Dr. Greg Wells, wellness expert and author of Superbodies: Peak Performance Secrets from the World's Best Athletes.

Hear the debaters make their case and tell us: Do you agree with Carl that there's too much social pressure to be healthy and happy? Or do you agree with Greg that the wellness movement is making a real and positive difference in people's lives?