Meet Simon Wilcox, the Canadian songwriter behind Nick Jonas' Jealous

q's series The Hit Makers continues with Simon Wilcox. The LA-based Canadian songwriter has worked with Nick Jonas, Josh Groban and Scott Helman.

Simon Wilcox had never thought about writing a song about the bright side of possessive love, but the lyrics for Jealous came to her after a parking lot chat with Nick Jonas.

A songwriter should be like a good bra, says Wilcox, noting that she's there to "lift and support"  her collaborators, including Jonas, Josh Groban, Britney Spears, Three Days Grace and many others. 

As part of q's ongoing series The Hit Makers, Shad checks in with the Canadian songwriter to discuss her craft, and how she counters the pitfalls of her process — from loneliness to the "tendency to travel the same neural pathways".

She also shares how therapy taught her how to really listen. 

Talented Canadian songwriter Simon Wilcox has written for the likes of Nick Jonas, Josh Groban and Britney Spears. (Ben Jamieson/CBC)

WEB EXTRA | Pop! Rock! Country! Ballads! Wilcox's collaborations showcase her incredible range as a writer.

Jealous, Nick Jonas

Black Fly, Lindi Ortega

Home, Three Days Grace 


Your Hideaway, Josh Groban

Northern Lights, Cider Sky


Bungalow, Scott Helman

This segment is part of q's ongoing series, The Hit Makers. With it we reveal the creative minds behind the songs you know and the surprising ways pop music gets put together today. We talk to the Grammy-winning producers, chart-topping songwriters, rising young beat-makers, top-liners and hook-writers who contribute key ingredients to today's hit songs. 


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