Shad's postscript: Highlights on the fall schedule

Shad looks forward to chats with several great guests, including Patti Smith, Jeremy Irons and Deepa Mehta.
Shad's postscript offers a regular glimpse into the mind and musings of our host. (Ben Shannon/CBC)

Shad's postscript offers a regular glimpse into the mind and musings of our host. Each week he shares ideas, opinions and insider information, in his own words. Listen to today's entry above, and find the transcript below.

So, we've officially kicked off our new season of q, and there's so much richness already on the way. If you missed my chat with Maria from Sesame Street — a.k.a Sonia Monzano — on yesterday's show, that's up online at cbc.ca/q. (I may have gushed a bit.)

Margaret Atwood will be back on the show. I had the pleasure of speaking with her a couple of months ago, and we'll be airing our conversation when her new book comes out later this month. 

In terms of music, legendary rock poet Patti Smith will be here, as well as Alabama Shakes — one of the hottest bands around right now — and of course the live performances every Friday will continue, starting this week with the rapper and singer, K-os.  

We'll also be looking at the upcoming Canadian federal election from an arts and culture angle with our political culture panel; our culture panel will be yelling and screaming and waxing poetic all in equal measure, as per usual; plus a regular cast of contributors to help us better understand (and/or laugh at) the latest trends, including my favourite social experimentalist, Scaachi Koul

I didn't even mention all of the excellent actors and filmmakers that will be coming by as The Toronto International Film Festival kicks off this week, but they include Jeremy Irons and Deepa Mehta, among others. More to come on that coverage soon.

I've been getting ready; getting my sleep, getting my exercise. It's definitely gonna be bustling around here. I hope you'll stay tuned and enjoy what we're working on here on q.

— Shad


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