Myles Goodwyn uncorks the April Wine saga in a new memoir

Myles Goodwyn's memoir Just Between You and Me, tells the behind the scenes pitfalls of rock star success.
Memoir Just Between You and Me by Myles Goodwyn, guitarist and songwriter of Canadian veteran hard rock group April Wine, tells the behind the scene pitfalls of rock star success. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Anyone with a radio is probably familiar with April Wine. Hits like You Could've Been a Lady, I Like to Rock and Say Hello are just three classics from the Montreal-based band's large catalogue. Since forming in 1969, they've sold millions of records and sold-out concerts.

But it all came at a price.

Myles Goodwyn's new in-depth memoir, Just Between You and Medetails the wake of broken relationships, depression and drinking habits that success left behind in his life.

"I don't want people to think I was unhappy. It was difficult, you cope with it," the guitarist and songwriter of the veteran Canadian hard rock group says to guest host Candy Palmater

Myles Goodwyn joins guest host Candy Palmater in studio to chat about his in-depth memoir that exposes the pitfalls of rock stardom. (Bria John/CBC )

 Who the book is for

"I wrote the book primarily for my children because they grew up without their dad," he says adding that due to his demanding schedule of songwriting, recording and touring he missed a lot of "normal times" with them.

He also felt he owed the fans an explanation. Goodwyn admits to keeping quiet about the band's lineup changes over the years — "I never talked about it." With this memoir, he hopes to set the record straight.

WEB EXTRA | Below are some of April Wine's greatest hits. Take a listen and stroll through memory lane.


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