Noel Gallagher: "I don't overthink anything I do"

Former Oasis member Noel Gallagher takes full reins as producer on his latest solo album, Chasing Yesterday.

Noel Gallagher has penned some of the best-known rock songs of the last two decades — and although he doesn't mind playing Oasis classics like Don't Look Back In Anger, the straight-shooting songwriter says his latest work is always his favourite. 

The famously blunt British artist joins Shad to talk about how songwriting is like catching rabbits, why he isn't impressed by most bands today, and why no truly good act gets stuck playing crappy gigs. 

*Please not: the web version of this interview is uncut and uncensored — and Gallagher is fond of a certain four-letter word. 

"If you're great, you're gonna make it." Noel Gallagher reflects on music in the time of social media. (Fabiola Carletti/CBC)

Chasing Yesterday 

Gallagher's latest record Chasing Yesterday is decidedly forward thinking. For the first time, the British musician has taken full reins as producer, and the result is a delicate balance of bar room rock and spaced out psychedelia.

Here's an excerpt of the interview:

"We all think that songs are there fully formed and I'm just in the river fishing. Sometimes you get one, and sometimes you don't. But if you're not fishing, Bono's gonna get it. Or Chris Martin."


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