Wolf Parade reveal the right way to do a reunion

The indie-rock band is back and live in studio to play new songs from their first release in six years as well as a classic from their 2005 debut.

It's been six years since indie-rock's Wolf Parade released any music, but now the band is back and live in studio q with some new tunes from their latest, EP 4, and a hit from their 2005 debut.

When the band went on hiatus, they were careful to call it just that — it wasn't calling it quits, it was just "it might not happen again."

"That's not enough of a certainty to go around telling everybody that it's finished forever," says guitarist Dan Boeckner. 

It was almost as if by fate that Wolf Parade reunited for EP 4. Three of the four members were living on Vancouver Island, which allowed them to get to know each other as musicians, and as a band, again. Eventually, they decided to pick up their instruments.

"And then we're like, 'let's just jam, see what happens' and it sounded terrible," vocalist and keyboardist Spencer Krug tells Shad.

For the band, it was like practicing a language they hadn't spoken in years. They needed to remember how to play together. 

They found it, along with the classic "totalosity" and "half circus" sound they're known for — though that is truly their own language. 

WEB EXTRA | Watch Wolf Parade perform a medley of two songs from their new EP on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and find information on their North American and European tour here


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