U.K. comic Jimmy Carr revels in the offensive

What's edgy, and what's just plain wrong? U.K. comedian Jimmy Carr discusses his brand of filthy comedy and where he draws the line.
U.K. comedian Jimmy Carr says humour is hilariously subjective. "If you think I'm funny, you're right. If you think I'm not funny, you're right" (Press photos/JimmyCarr.com)

What's edgy, and what's just plain wrong? U.K. comedian Jimmy Carr joins Shad to discuss his brand of filthy comedy and why he isn't overly concerned about the line between sharp humour and blatant shock comedy. 

The comic also shares how he adapts his act for different audiences, why he loves a good gasp as much as a laugh, and how he cobbles together clean jokes. 

WEB EXTRA | Get a sense of Carr's comedy below but, please note: there's a good chance you'll be offended. That's kind of what he's going for. 


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